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Hawthorne in Salem Website Tutorial

(You may want to open this page in a seperate window so that you can read it while investgating the navigation controls on the website pages.)

The navigation of the site is done with the buttons at the top, side and bottom of the screen.

The top buttons select the area to be explored, Life and Times, Literature, Buildings and Houses, Explorations, Scholar's Forum, and the Archives.

Directly under these buttons on the right side is a list of the pages you have visited. You can return to one of these pages by clicking on one of these links. On the left side of this area is a discription of the selected area.

The menus on the left side let you drill down into the selected area. You can pick a topic, a subtopic and a resource for each area. Be sure to investigate all of the menu to get the best use of the website. Also, be sure to close one menu before trying to select another, as an open menu will disable the rest of the buttons on the screen.

The Timeline and Map of Salem buttons at the bottom of the menu column will take you to the timeline and map pages.

The buttons at the bottom of the page will take you to some administrative information (including this help page).

Many of the pages have images that can be clicked to be displayed in a larger size. Be sure to close these large windows to avoid having too many windows open at one time.

There are also links to pages outside of our site. These, too, will open in separate windows and should be closed when you are finished reading them.