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Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804-1864



See [Mell80], [Mill91], [Herb93].

Books and articles

Listed in alphabetical order by identifying token.

@book{ ID={AhlH40}, AUTHOR={Ahl, Henry Curtis, 1905-1996}, TITLE={A visit to the Old Manse, Concord, Massachusetts }, PUBLISHER={H.C. Ahl}, PUBDATE={1940} PUBPLACE={Concord? Mass.] }, ISBN={}, LCC={BPL F74.C8A28 1940x, OCLC number: ocm11052171}, NOTES={15 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.} }
@book{ ID={Brad78}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={The Scarlet Letter: an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, criticism}, PUBLISHER={W.W. Norton and Co.}, EDITOR={Bradley, Sculley}, EDITION={2nd.}, PUBDATE={1978} PUBPLACE={New York}, ISBN={0-393-09073-6}, LCC={PZ3.H318Sc, 1978, [PS1868], 78-24583}, NOTES={Text based on 1st U.S. edition, 1850.} }
@book{ ID={Brem95}, AUTHOR={Bremer, Francis J.}, TITLE={The Puritan Experiment: New England Society from Bradford to Edwards}, PUBLISHER={University Press of New England}, EDITION={revised}, PUBDATE={1995}, PUBPLACE={Hanover, N.H.}, ISBN={0-87451-728-1}, LCC={F7.B77, 1996, 95-18209}, NOTES={Includes timeline, suggestions for further reading} }
@book{ ID={Bro83}, AUTHOR={Brooks, Paul}, TITLE={The Old Manse and the People Who Lived There}, PUBLISHER={The Trustees of Reservations}, PUBDATE={1983}, NOTES={some contents reprinted in Antiques magazine; 8 color photographs by Paul Rocheleau, other plates, bibliography, 95 pages text, chapters on each Emerson, Ripley, Hawthornes; available at Old Manse bookstore, $8.95 paperback} }
@book{ ID={Cady90}, TITLE={On Hawthorne: the Best from American Literature}, PUBLISHER={Duke University Press}, EDITOR={Cady, Edwin H. and Louis J. Budd} SERIES={The Best from American Literature series}, PUBDATE={1990}, ISBN={0-8223-1032-5}, LCC={PS1888.05, 1990, 813'.e-dc20, 89-25696}, NOTES={collection of outstanding articles, 1941-1989, from American Literature magazine} }
@book{ ID={Ce0162}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={The Scarlet Letter}, PUBLISHER={Ohio State University Press}, EDITOR={Crowley, J. Donald} EDITION={Centenary Edition}, VOLUME={1}, PUBDATE={1962}, ISBN={0-8142-0059-1}, LCC={PZ3.H318 SC105}, NOTES={Authoritative text from Center for Editions of American Authors of the Modern Language Association, with notes historical and textual} }
@book{ ID={Ce0974}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={Twice-told Tales}, PUBLISHER={Ohio State University Press}, EDITOR={Crowley, J. Donald} EDITION={Centenary Edition}, VOLUME={9}, PUBDATE={1974}, ISBN={0-8142-0202-0}, LCC={73-5363, PZ3.H318TW42}, NOTES={Authoritative text from Center for Editions of American Authors of the Modern Language Association, with notes historical and textual} }
@book{ ID={Ce1074}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={Mosses from an Old Manse}, PUBLISHER={Ohio State University Press}, EDITOR={Crowley, J. Donald} EDITION={Centenary Edition}, VOLUME={10}, PUBDATE={1974}, ISBN={0-8142-0203-9}, LCC={PS1850.F63, 73-5364}, NOTES={Authoritative text from Center for Editions of American Authors of the Modern Language Association, with notes historical and textual} }
@article{ ID={Cola72}, AUTHOR={Colacurcio, Michael J.}, TITLE={Footsteps of Anne Hutchinson: the context of The Scarlet Letter}, JOURNAL={ELH}, NUMBER={39}, PAGES={459-94}, PUBDATE={1972}, ISSN={}, LCC={}, NOTES={Extracts reprinted in [Gros88 213-230].} }
@book{ ID={Cor93}, AUTHOR={Corbett, William}, TITLE={Literary New England: A history and guide}, PUBLISHER={Faber and Faber}, PUBDATE={1993}, PUBPLACE={Boston, London}, ISBN={0-571-19816-3}, LCC={PS243.C67 1993, 810.p'974-dc20, 93-10887}, NOTES={206pp, photographs, chapters on places, with names in boldface, index, but no maps, $14.95 paperback}, }
@book{ ID={Gei58}, EDITOR={Geismar, Maxwell}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={The Marble Faun}, PUBLISHER={Pocket Books}, PUBDATE={1958}, PUBPLACE={New York}, LCC={}, NOTES={introduction copyright by Geismar --see mfn.html}, }
@book{ ID={Goll83}, AUTHOR={Gollin, Rita K. (1928- )}, TITLE={Portraits of Nathaniel Hawthorne: an Iconography}, PUBLISHER={Northern Illinois University Press}, PUBDATE={1983}, PUBPLACE={DeKalb, Illinois, 60115}, ISBN={0-87580-087-4}, LCC={PS1885.G64 1983, 813'.3 83-12155}, NOTES={authoritative, llustrated with all Hawthorne portraits, notes, chronology, sources} }
@book{ ID={Gros88}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={The Scarlet Letter: a Norton critical edition}, EDITOR={Gross, Seymour Lee 1926-}, EDITION={Third}, PUBLISHER={W.W. Norton & Co., Inc.}, PUBDATE={1988}, PUBPLACE={New York}, ISBN={0-393-95653-9}, LCC={PS1868.A2G76 1988, 87-18535}, NOTES={Critical essays, bibliography} }
@book{ ID={Herb93}, AUTHOR={Herbert, T. Walter}, TITLE={Dearest Beloved: the Hawthornes and the making of the middle-class family}, PUBLISHER={University of California Press}, PUBDATE={1993}, PUBPLACE={Berkeley}, ISBN={0--520-20155-8}, LCC={PS1882.H47, 1993, 92-6800}, NOTES={Biography} }
@book{ ID={Jtw93}, AUTHOR={James, Henry}, TITLE={Collected Travel Writings: Great Britain and America}, PUBLISHER={Library of America, Viking}, PUBDATE={1993}, PUBPLACE={New York}, ISBN={0-940450-76-3}, LCC={814.54,J27c,v.1, 1993, 93-9192}, NOTES={The American Scene, London: Chapman and Hall, Ltd., January 30, 1907} }
@book{ ID={Levi84}, AUTHOR={Levine, Miriam}, TITLE={A Guide to Writers' Homes in New England}, PUBLISHER={Applewood Books, distributed by Globe Pequot Press}, ILLUSTRATIONS={Siebert, Tom}, EDITION={Revised}, PUBDATE={1984}, PUBPLACE={Cambridge, Mass.}, ISBN={0-918222-51-6}, LCC={}, NOTES={pb., 186pp, illus., guide to homes of Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Eugene O'Neill, Edith Wharton, Herman Melville, William Cullen Bryant, Emily Dickinson, Amos Bronson Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Greenleaf Whittier, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Robert Frost} }
@book{ ID={LoA82}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, EDITOR={Pearce, Roy Harvey}, TITLE={Tales and Sketches}, PUBLISHER={The Library of America, Viking Press}, PUBDATE={1982}, PUBPLACE={New York}, ISBN={0-940450-03-8}, LCC={81-20760}, NOTES={includes Twice-told Tales, Mosses from an Old Manse, The Snow-Image, A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys, Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys; uses text of Centenary Edition; notes, chronology} }
@book{ ID={LoA83}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, EDITOR={Bell, Millicent}, TITLE={Collected Novels}, PUBLISHER={The Library of America, Viking Press}, PUBDATE={1983}, PUBPLACE={New York}, ISBN={0-940450-08-9}, LCC={82-18031}, NOTES={includes Fanshawe, The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, The Blithedale Romance, The Marble Faun; text is that of the Centenary Edition; notes, chronology} }
@book{ ID={McG67}, AUTHOR={McGill, Frederick T., Jr.}, TITLE={Channing of Concord: A life of William Ellery Channing II}, PUBLISHER={Rutgers University Press}, PUBDATE={1967}, PUBPLACE={New Brunswick, New Jersey}, ISBN={}, LCC={67-20389, PS1291.M3}, NOTES={xiv+221pp, photographs, notes, bibliography, index, a selection of the MLA book club; covers much unpublished material of this "man of genius with no talent"} }
@book{ ID={Mell80}, AUTHOR={Mellow, James R.}, TITLE={Nathaniel Hawthorne in His Times}, PUBLISHER={Houghton Mifflin Company}, PUBDATE={1980}, PUBPLACE={Boston}, ISBN={0-395-27602-0}, LCC={PS1881.M4, 813'.3, 1980, 80-15915}, NOTES={Biography; won National Book Award; photographs but only in hardbound edition; paperback has only the Osgood portrait on cover} }
@book{ ID={Mill91}, AUTHOR={Miller, Edwin Haviland}, TITLE={Salem Is My Dwelling Place: a life of Nathaniel Hawthorne}, PUBLISHER={University of Iowa Press}, PUBDATE={1991}, PUBPLACE={Iowa City, Iowa 52242}, ISBN={0-87745-381-0}, LCC={PS1881.M48, 1991, 91-14543}, NOTES={Biography} }
@book{ ID={Poe84}, AUTHOR={Poe, Edgar Allan}, TITLE={Edgar Allan Poe: Essays and Reviews}, EDITOR={Thompson, G. R.}, PUBLISHER={Library of America}, PUBDATE={1984}, PUBPLACE={New York}, ISBN={0-940450-19-4}, LCC={809.P743e, 83-19923}, NOTES={chronology, notes} }
@book{ ID={Por76}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={The Portable Hawthorne}, EDITOR={Cowley, Malcolm}, PUBLISHER={The Viking Press}, PUBDATE={1948, 1976 revised ed.}, PUBPLACE={New York}, ISBN={0--670-36404-5}, LCC={PS1852.C6, 1969, 48-8215}, NOTES={selections, journals, letters} }
@book{ ID={Putn96}, AUTHOR={Putnam, G. P.}, TITLE={Little Journeys to the Homes of American Authors}, PUBLISHER={G. P. Putnam's Sons}, PUBDATE={1896}, PUBPLACE={New York, London}, ISBN={}, LCC={}, NOTES={hb., 388pp, illus., essays by separate authors on Emerson, Bryant, Prescott, Lowell, Simms, Whitman, Hawthorne, Audubon, Irving, Longfellow, Everett, and Bancroft.} }
@book{ ID={Rup71}, EDITOR={Rupp, Richard H.}, AUTHOR={Hawthorne, Nathaniel}, TITLE={The Marble Faun}, PUBLISHER={Bobbs-Merrill Co.}, PUBDATE={1971}, PUBPLACE={New York, Indianapolis}, ISBN={}, LCC={PZ3.H318M36, 73-134464}, NOTES={excellent notes, bibliography, text newly edited and corrected from the manuscript at the British Museum.} }
@book{ ID={Webe89}, AUTHOR={Weber, Alfred, Beth L. Lueck, and Dennis Berthold}, TITLE={Hawthorne' American Travel Sketches}, PUBLISHER={University Press of New England}, PUBDATE={1989}, PUBPLACE={Hanover, London}, ISBN={0-87451-498-3}, LCC={PS1865.A2W43, 1989, 818."303-dc20, 89-40235}, NOTES={includes introduction (by Weber), an edition of Hawthorne's travel sketches from the original magazine articles (without the longer tales included in the original The Storyteller sequence), essays on the Northern Tour, an iconography, nationalism (by Berthold), on Hawthorne's ironic traveler and the picturesque (by Lueck}, notes, a bibliography, and black-and-white reproductions of contemporary art } }
@article{ ID={Wri42}, AUTHOR={Wright, Nathalia}, TITLE={Hawthorne and the Praslin Murder}, JOURNAL={NEQ}, PUBDATE={1942}, VOLUME={15}, PAGES={5-14}, ISSN={}, LCC={}, NOTES={cited by Rup71 xl.} }

Other bibliographies

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