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Brook Farm, painting by Josiah Wolcott, 1844

The Pilgrim House is on the left; the Cottage (or "Margaret Fuller Cottage") is second building from left on hill; the Aerie is on the highest hill and is where Ripley and other lived. The Farmhouse was the two -and -a- half story white clapboard building with an ell at the rear of the house that housed the kitchen. Also called "the Hive," this was where Hawthorne lived when he was at Brook Farm. A large barn to the left of the farm stood next to a brook and housed horses and cattle. According to Sterling F. Delano, the entrance was not where Wolcott has placed it but rather at the break in the low stone wall. On October 11, 1841 George Ripley purchased the Ellis Farm which included a farmhouse with barn and outbuildings. This farmhouse, which was already serving as the Brook Farm school, began to be called "The Nest" by the Brook Farmers. Delano believes that Wolcott painted this scene before the foundation of the Phalanstery was built, not after it burned down, as there is no workshop in the scene.
(courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society)
citation: http://www.hawthorneinsalem.org/images/image.php?name=MMD2699