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Title Page, Decennium luctuosum by Cotton Mather, 1699.

Cotton Mather (1663-1728) was the brilliant but arrogant son of Increase Mather. In his study of the Indian wars, he tells the story of the captivity and escape of Hannah Dustin and presents a Puritan view of history that puts the New England Indians on the side of Satan and the Puritans on the side of God. In the ongoing war between the forces of Christ and Satan, all of New England was a battlefield where Indians, witches, Quakers, and Catholics were “enemies of the Lord” and a threat to the Puritan mission. Years after the death of King Philip (Metacom), it was Cotton Mather who made a visit to Plymouth and yanked off the jawbone from the skull of Metacom, on display at Plymouth Fort for over twenty-five years.
(courtesy of the University of Virginia.)
citation: http://www.hawthorneinsalem.org/images/image.php?name=MMD2095