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East India Marine Hall (part of the Peabody Essex Museum), 161 Essex St. Mall

Built in 1824-5 by William Roberts, who also built St. Peter's Church, this building housed artifacts brought back from exotic ports by members of the East India Marine Society which was organized in 1799 by ship captains who had sailed past the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn and had collected objects from the Far EAst, Africa,and the Pacific Islands to study and exhibit at their headquarters in Salem, one of America's busiest ports. President John Quincy Adams attended the dedication of the East India Marine Hall in 1825. Hawthorne's father became a member of the Marine Society in 1804, the year of Hawthorne's birth. East India Marine Hall later became the Peabody Museum, and today it is part of the Peabody Essex Museum.
(photography by Lou Procopio)
citation: http://www.hawthorneinsalem.org/images/image.php?name=MMD1753