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Peirce-Nichols House, 80 Federal St., Salem

Peirce-Nichols House This elegant house, built c. 1782, is one of the most outstanding examples of Federalist wooden residences in America. The house was first owned by Jerathemiel Peirce, a leather-dresser who became a prosperous merchant and who developed with Aaron Waitt one of the largest India trading companies in the U.S. When Peirce's daughter, Sally, married George Nichols in 1801, the house was remodeled in McIntire's later Adamesque style, but it retains details of his Georgian style as well. The house was transferred to the ownership of George S. Johonnot in 1827, but in 1840 George Nichols inherited the house, and it remained in the Nichols family until 1917 when the Essex Institute purchased it.
(courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum; special thanks to Bryant F. Tolles, Jr.)
citation: http://www.hawthorneinsalem.org/images/image.php?name=MMD1276