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American Literature Association Annual Conference

Nathaniel Hawthorne Society Summer Meeting

Bowdoin College, June, 2008

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Starting Over

The Hawthorne Conference organizers offer this wide-ranging rubric to include such topics as: Hawthorne's new start at Bowdoin, his beginnings as a tale writer; his "new" career as a novelist; his new (and constantly renewed) reputation; his interest in the beginnings of things (biblical, historical, personal); his new friends; his sense of the "new" vs. the "old" world; his definition of the "new" woman--and new man ("New Adam and Eve"); Hawthorne and the New Romanticism; Hawthorne and the New Classroom; Hawthorne and the (new) State of Maine; Hawthorne and the (new) structure of allegory; and Hawthorne in the new (21st) Century.

Please send paper topics by December 1, 2007, to Sam Coale, 39 Pratt Street, Providence, RI 02906 or samcoale@cox.net

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