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10 June

Bridget Bishop

19 July

Sarah Good

Rebecca Nurse

Susannah Martin

Elizabeth How

Sarah Wilds

19 August

George Burroughs

John Proctor

John Willard

George Jacobs, Sr.

Martha Carrier

19 September

Giles Corey (pressed to death)

22 September

Mary Easty

Alice Parker

Ann Pudeator

Margaret Scott

Wilmot Redd

Samuel Wardwell

Mary Parker

Martha Corey

The following persons, accused of witchcraft, died in jail:

Sarah Osborne, May 10, 1692
Roger Toothaker, June 16, 1692
Unnamed infant of Sarah Good; died in jail prior to July 19, 1692
Ann Foster, December 3, 1692
Lydia Dastin, March 10, 1693

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