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Excerpt from The Salem World of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Margaret Moore

Excerpt from Sidney Perley's The History of Salem, Massachusetts, Vol. 3, pp. 235-36. 1928

That Quakers were active in defending themselves against the persecution of the Puritans is clearly illustrated by this account of the advocacy of the elderly Samuel Shattock.
"There was sorrow when Samuel Shattock passed on, June 6, 1689, in his seventieth year. It was twenty-eight years before that he had been banished, on pain of death, because he was one of the Friends of Salem, and had sailed for England to secure an audience with Charles II, who was then preparing for his coronation. Through the influence of some people there, he succeeded in securing a conference with the king, who listened to Shattock's statement concerning affairs in the colony, particularly in reference to taking the lives of his subjects on the plea of difference in religious belief. The king caused to be prepared a letter, addressed to Governor Endecott, prohibiting the prosecution of the Quaker cases further, and entrusted it to Shattock for delivery to the governor. Shattock immediately returned to New England and hastened to the governor in Boston. This order ended this course here. Shattock's body was laid in the Charter Street burying ground, and today his gravestone marks the spot, while the burial places of the principal persecutors are forgotten."

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