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Chapter 13 - "Another View of Hester,"

In Chapter 13 - "Another View of Hester," shows how the scarlet letter's interpretation by the townspeople (as well as Hawthorne) is constantly changing. Instead of being a badge of shame, some now believe it to be a miraculous token that keeps Hester safe. Again Chillingworth is found in his never-ending quest to gather herbs and roots from which he intends to make medicine.

  1. Had [Hester] fallen among thieves, [the scarlet letter] would have kept her safe. It was reported, and believed by many, that an Indian had drawn his arrow against the badge, but that the missile struck it, and fell harmless to the ground.

  2. In fine, Hester Prynne resolved to meet her former husband, and do what might be in her power for the rescue of the victim on whom he had so evidently set his gripe. The occasion was not long to seek. One afternoon, walking with Pearl in a retired part of the peninsula, she beheld the old physician, with a basket on one arm, and a staff in the other hand, stooping along the ground, in quest of roots and herbs to concoct his medicine withal.

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