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[From the Essex Institute Historical Collections, Vol. II, p. 104]

Indians Taking Salem Fishing Vessels

1677, July 25. The Lord having given a commission to the Indians to take no less than thirteen of the Fishing Ketches of Salem and captivate the men, (though divers of them cleared themselves and came home,) it struck a great consternation into all the people here. The Pastor moved on the Lord's day, and the whole people readily consented, to keep the Lecture day following as a Fast day; which was accordingly done, and the work carried on by the Pastor,--Mr. Hale, Mr. Cheevers and Mr. Gerrish, the neighbor ministers, helping in prayer. The Lord was pleased to send us some of the Ketches on the Fast day, which was looked on as a gracious smile of Providence.

Also there had been nineteen wounded men sent into Salem a little before. Also a Ketch with forty men sent out from Salem as a man of war to recover the rest of the Ketches. The Lord give them good success.

--First Church Records.

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