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Excerpt from Chapter 13 - "Alice Pyncheon"

Excerpt from Chapter 13, "Alice Pyncheon," that describes Alice's initial entrance into the room where her father Gervayse and the carpenter Maule await her and that details her powerful personality

As Alice came into the room, her eyes fell upon the carpenter, who was standing near its centre, clad in a green woollen jacket, a pair of loose breeches, open at the knees, and with a long pocket for his rule, the end of which protruded; it was as proper a mark of the artisan's calling, as Mr. Pyncheon's full-dress sword of that gentleman's aristocratic pretensions. A glow of artistic approval brightened over Alice Pyncheon's face; she was struck with admiration--which she made no attempt to conceal--of the remarkable comeliness, strength, and energy of Maule's figure. But that admiring glance (which most other men, perhaps, would have cherished as a sweet recollection, all through life) the carpenter never forgave. It must have been the devil himself that made Maule so subtile in his perception. (Chapter 13)

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