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Excerpt from "Feathertop"

Excerpt from "Feathertop"

In taking delight in her creation, Mother Rigby defies "any witch in New England" to make anything as good as Feathertop. Reading the passage, one cannot help but imagine Hawthorne himself feeling something of Mother Rigby's pleasure for, after all, he not only created Feathertop, but Mother Rigby herself. It is hard to imagine a man as self-aware as Hawthorne failing to feel a connection between himself and his jolly witch.
"Oh, thou wilt be the death of me!" cried the old witch, convulsed with laughter. "That was well said. If an honest man and a gentleman may! Thou playest thy part to perfection. Get along with thee for a smart fellow; and I will wager on thy head, as a man of pith and substance, with a brain and what they call a heart, and all else that a man should have, against any other thing on two legs. I hold myself a better witch than yesterday, for thy sake. Did not I make thee? And I defy any witch in New England to make such another! Here; take my staff along with thee!"

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