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Ethan Brand

In this excerpt from "Ethan Brand's Homecoming," published in New Essays on Hawthorne 's Major Tales, edited by Millicent Bell, Rita K. Gollin addresses the theme of alienation in "Ethan Brand" and relates the theme to Hawthorne's life.

As Edgar Dryden has observed, Hawthorne's repeated experience 'of exile and dispersion from a number of temporary homes… is centrally related to his career as a writer. He identified home with the domestic hearth and an integrated self, yet he metaphorically and structurally incorporated in his dramaturgy of homecoming the cycles of dust to dust, sleep to sleep, the day and the year. Through patterns of excursion and return, he expressed anxieties about his habitual solitude, about his vocation, and about mortality itself. Though his metaphors often stretch beyond, the temporary homes in his fiction include the body and the grave" (85). (courtesy of Cambridge University Press)

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