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Ethan Brand

In this excerpt from "Ethan Brand", we see Joe's relationship with his father as they discover the remains of Ethan Brand in the lime-kiln:

"Little Joe's face brightened at once.
"Dear father," cried he, skipping cheerily to and from, "that strange man is gone, and the sky and the mountains all seem glad of it!"
"Yes," growled the lime-burner, with an oath, "but he has let the fire go down, and no thanks to him if five hundred bushels of lime are not spoiled. If I catch the fellow hereabouts again, I shall feel like tossing him into the furnace!" With his long pole in his hand, he ascended to the top of the kiln. After a moment's pause, he called to his son.
"Come up her Joe!" said he.
So little Joe ran up the hillock, and stood by his father's side. The marble was all burnt into perfect, snow-white lime. But on its surface, in the midst of the circle,--snow-white too, and thoroughly converted into lime,--lay a human skeleton, in the attitude of a person who, after long toil, lies down to long repose. Within the ribs-strange to say-was the shape of a human heart.
"Was the fellow's heart made of marble?" cried Bartram, in some perplexity at this phenomenon. "At any rate, it is burnt into what looks like special good lime; and, taking all the bones together, my kiln is half a bushel the richer for him."
Little Joe's face brightened at once.

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