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[Location:Literature/ Topic: The Artist and Alienation /Sub-Topic: “Drowne’s Wooden Image”/Introductory Page

Excerpt from Hawthorne's View of the Artist by Millicent Bell

"Yet the Romantic idea that the artistic creation is a process mimicking natural creation, and that the work of art has a separate life and power given it by the artist's inspiration, is to some degree involved whenever statues walk or portraits descend from the wall. And Drowne's wooden statue of a beautiful woman is distinctly an art-work animated by the wizard breath of creative ardor" (128).

". . . the story of Drowne the woodcarver is, nevertheless, another analysis of the Romantic theory of art. Briefly, it tells how an adept of the Fancy became a genius of the Imagination" (128).

(courtesy of SUNY Press)

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