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[Location:Literature/ Topic: The Artist and Alienation /Sub-Topic: “Drowne’s Wooden Image”/Introductory Page

Excerpt from Nathaniel Hawthorne in His Times by James R. Mellow

"Elsewhere, Hawthorne was likely to tailor the piece to his audience. For the largely feminine readership of Godey's Lady's Book, he offered one of his easy and agreeable fables, "Drowne's Wooden Image," an American version of the Pygmalion myth. It is also one of his more pedestrian parables of the artist, a story of a mysterious and beautiful woman who inspires an otherwise ineffectual artist to create his one masterpiece" (233). (From Nathaniel Hawthorne in His Times, by James R. Mellow. Copyright (c) 1980 by James R. Mellow. Reprinted by permission of Georges Borchardt, Inc, for the Estate of James R. Mellow.)


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