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[Location:Literature/ Topic: The Artist and Alienation /Sub-Topic: “Drowne’s Wooden Image”/Introductory Page

An excerpt in which Drowne still identifies himself with the woodcarver's trade and not the sculptor's art.

"Mr. Copley," said Drowne, quietly, "I know nothing of marble statuary, and nothing of a sculptor's rules of art. But of this wooden image–this work of my hands–this creature of my heart–"and here his voice faltered and choked, in a very singular manner–"of this–of her–I may say that I know something. A well-spring of inward wisdom gushed within me, as I wrought upon the oak with my whole strength, and soul, and faith! Let others do what they may with marble, and adopt what rules they choose. If I can produce my desired effect by painted wood, those rules are not for me, and I have a right to disregard them."

Full text of "Drowne’s Wooden Image" from Mosses From an Old Manse

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