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Illustrations Notes

Illustration Notes

All the photographs in the text were taken by the writer except those noted below:

  • Page 1. Hawthorne's Birthplace--"The Hawthorne House" published for Bromley & Company, Boston. The house was originally at 27 Union Street, Salem and is now on the grounds of "The House of Seven Gables."
  • Page 4. Hawthorne Family Heirlooms--Wide Awake!, November, 1891, p. 504.
  • Page 5. Detail of Crowinshield Wharf. Watercolor copy of the 1806 oil painting by George Ropes. Essex Institute. Published by Bromley & Company, Inc., Boston.
  • Page 6. "Hawthorne's Birthplace"--Wide Awake! November, 1891, p. 501.
  • Page 10. 'Salem Common on Training Day, 1808," painting by George Ropes, Essex Institute. Published by Richard Merrill, Melrose, Mass.
  • Page 49. Fragment of manuscript with Robert Manning's handwriting is from Bowdoin College Library.

The photograph of Robert Manning is a glossy black and white photo of a miniature oil painting on ivory. Both are at the Essex Institute.

The photographs of the interior of Richard Manning's house show its appearance as it has been restored and furnished by its present owners.

The paintings photographed on page 23 were painted by George McConnell, c. 1900 and are owned by Doris Martin.

The portrait of Nathaniel Hawthorne on the frontispiece was painted by Charles Osgood in 1840 and is owned by the Essex institute.

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