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Federal Style : Original Documents

Original Documents Related to Federal Style

  • Notes on the State of Virginia (1781-82) by Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson, an accomplished architect, advocated the use of a classical style of building based on the Four Books of Architecture by Andrea Palladio. These books, called one of the three most influential works on architecture in history, codified the building principles of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Jefferson felt the republican style of the Romans in particular to be appropriate for the new American republic. In 1782, Jefferson published Notes on the State of Virginia, in which he criticized the state of building in America.
  • "American Architecture" in United States Magazine and Democratic Review (1843) by Horatio Greenough
    In 1843, in United States Magazine and Democratic Review, American sculptor Horatio Greenough published his influential essay, "American Architecture". Greenough argued for a truly American building style based on functionality, and argued against the use of Greek and Roman temples, like the Parthenon, as models.

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