Still Photo Tour

Use your mouse to navigate the room below.

You have entered the first floor foyer. The stair in front of you leads to the Collector's private office on the second floor (Note that in Hawthorne's time the second floor was unfinished and used for storage). The hall in front of you leads to the back hallway, described in Hawthorne's Custom House chapter as the favorite napping place for his co-workers.

To your left, (mouse over the left picture margin) the Surveyor's office contains Hawthorne's desk and tools of his trade, including his ink well and pen, hydrometer, and tariff book.

To your right, (mouse over the right picture margin) the Collector's office contains the furnishings installed in 1853 to modernize record keeping at the Custom House.

Behind you, (mouse over the bottom picture margin) the federal style door, with its elliptical fanlight and sidelights illuminates the front foyer.

Photographs courtesy of Bill MacCormick.