Still Photo Tour
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You have entered the Surveyor's office, looking towards the Southwest. You see in front of you Hawthorne's desk, and through the windows, Derby Wharf. Hawthorne was required to bring his own furnishings to the Custom House as were his fellow workers.

Behind you, looking East, is the doorway leading back to the first floor hall and the Collector's office across the hall. The stair to the second floor is just out of sight to the left of the doorway, and the entrance to the building is to the right.

To your right, looking Northwest, you see the fireplace, Hawthorne's revenue manuals, and the doorway to the back office. In the National Park Service display case, you see Hawthorne's inkwell and pen, walking stick, and the hydrometer he used to measure alcoholic cargo as Surveyor of the Port.

To your left, looking Southwest, you see the large first floor windows with circular window heads and gothic muntins at the top. The view out of the windows is of Derby Wharf and the waterfront.

Photographs courtesy of Bill MacCormick.