Still Photo Tour

Use your mouse to navigate the room below.

In front of you is the main desk in the Collector's first floor office, looking towards the Southwest. The furnishings were installed during a major renovation conducted in 1858, after Hawthorne's tenure. The many drawers held Customs' forms. The doorway leads back to the first floor hallway with the Surveyor's office across the hall. The stairway to the second floor is out of sight to the right and the front door is to the left.

To the right, looking Northwest, is the waiting area and the entry to the records area for the clerks who worked here.

To the left, looking Southeast, you see the clerks' work area with fireplace, individual desk and several windows looking out onto Derby Wharf.

Behind you, looking Northeast, you see more of the clerks' work area, with a large safe and individual desks.

Photographs courtesy of Bill MacCormick.